THIS....IS ME...i will never be anyone or pretend to be anyone else i am the original..the edition...after me there will only be bad copies and imitations...this is me...and the last of a dying breed...

30th June 2011

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sometimes in life u just gotta keep dancing no matter where life …or Will throws u

13th June 2011


Method to my madness

I bet you didn’t know that all those I nights I waited up for your ass, it wasn’t just so I knew you were safe….it was also because I didn’t feel comfortable making myself comfortable in a house with a family that is too loving for me to be in it, without you my bestfriend in the whole world at my side to make me feel like I belong….I probably should have posted this shit on…..

24th May 2011


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20th May 2011


WHHATTT?! MY NEW HAIR DOO!!!!! @rihanna would GAG on this cou... on Twitpic →

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28th April 2011


__________/\_________\o/__________ SHARK ATTACK!!!!!!! LOOOL

18th April 2011


7th December 2010


f’reallllllllllllllllllllllll!!! <3

3rd December 2010

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wtf  …..bwaahahahhahahahahahhah!!!

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3rd December 2010


if at first you dont succeed….call it version 1.0

im sitting here in this chair
and im thinkin …
about u
and as this cold a/c wind blows over me
i imagine ur warm hands
caressing my body
sliding from my neck
slowly over my breast and my hard nipples
pausing only to cup and gently squeeze them
then further still over my stomach
slipping your fingers into my naval
over my hips
and on my thighs which you firmly grasp
and pull them apart
wrapping your arms aroun me pullin me closer to you
as you bury ur lips in my neck from behind
but then i remember…
im sitting in this chair…
about you…

3rd December 2010


omg i loveee this song